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Path of Exile is an Action RPG multiplayer game developed and released by Grinding Gear Games for Windows in 2013;…

Path of Exile is an Action RPG multiplayer game developed and released by Grinding Gear Games for Windows in 2013; in 2017, a version was released for the Xbox One game console, and in 2019 – for the PlayStation 4. The game is distributed on a free-to-play model and is supported through microtransactions, and the content sold for money does not affect the game balance and has, as usually only a decorative effect. In terms of gameplay, Path of Exile is very similar to the Diablo series: the player is invited to explore procedurally generated levels of a fictional world, using various weapons and skills to destroy numerous enemies. In 2015, the developers reported that the number of registered players in the game exceeded 11.5 million.

The player controls one character with a top-side view, simulating an isometric projection. During the game, the player explores different levels – both open spaces and labyrinthine dungeons inhabited by various enemies. Destroying enemies and completing tasks for non-player characters brings the player experience points and various items of equipment that can increase the characteristics of the character. With the exception of a few peaceful settlements, where the player can interact with NPCs, all levels of the game are procedurally generated, and this process repeats if the player re-visits the level after some absence – thus, on each visit, the level map, the location of exits and enemies randomly generated.

Unlike most games in this genre, in Path of Exile, active skills are not properties of the character itself – they are presented in the form of gems that can be bought, obtained or found in the game. These gems can be inserted into any weapon or armor, and only then the player can use this skill. Each of the stones used develops along with the character. As soon as the stone gains a sufficient amount of experience, the player is prompted to raise the level of the stone manually, as subsequent levels of the stones increase the requirements (for example, the number of magic points used, characteristics or the level of the player). You can cancel the selection with the help of remorse points, which, like skill points, can be obtained for completing certain tasks. Also, passive skills are reset when updates are released that affect the tree.

Path of Exile does not contain “gold” – in-game money that the player could receive and spend inside the game; when trading with non-player characters and between players, the role of money is played by various items that are also used in the game for other purposes – for example, identification scrolls; the player can obtain these items by selling the trophies collected at the levels to merchants. Any exchange of items between players is done directly, although both the marketplace, opened by the developers in 2017, and third-party sites can help players in such an exchange. You can buy Path of Exile leveling on




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