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Outriders Boosting

Outriders boosting Outriders level boosting is the best way to start playing an action-adventure shooter from the creators of Bulletstorm…

Outriders boosting

Outriders level boosting is the best way to start playing an action-adventure shooter from the creators of Bulletstorm that tells the story of the people of Inok. Players are assigned the role of Pathfinders, who are sent from a human colony called the First City inland in search of a mysterious signal. Players will have to explore Inok, fight various monsters that inhabit it – and all this in a cooperative for 1-3 people.


The main theme of this class revolves around the use of earth and gravity to deal damage or create stone armor. It can be described as a typical melee tank, and for this reason, in my opinion, it is ideal as a starting option for beginners and inexperienced users.
At the moment, it is impossible to guess if he should be present in the group, but due to the high level of health and specific abilities, the Devastator is an excellent class for missions where you need to survive at any cost. Although it all depends on the development of the skill tree and the chosen specialization.


It controls fire, I think this class can be compared to a magician, although its counter is the effect of arson, which deals periodic damage (in other words, pillboxes). Fights mostly at medium range.
Running a little ahead, I personally liked this class with the opportunity to collect some semblance of a DOT build, as well as a passive for resurrection in case of death, as it can come in handy in complex endgame content (I immediately recall a similar warlock passive from the first Destiny).


Master of manipulation of time and space. Due to his playstyle and abilities, many compare him to a Rogue / Horn, if a similar term can be applied to a third-person shooter at all. In addition to the HP strip, this class has an additional layer of protection in the form of a force field.
In my opinion, besides Technomancer, it is the most interesting class, as it can provide passive support for the group.


Unlike the above options, this class does not have a pronounced mystical / fantasy subtext. He is not able to summon fire, strengthen the body with stone armor, or teleport around the map, slowing down time.
Instead, Technomancers use a variety of future technologies in combat, from portable turrets to rocket launchers and miniguns. He also has the makings of a support, although this is expressed only in one of the abilities.

Players will find four unique character classes, fast and brutal firefights, complemented by role-playing elements, as well as a huge variety of weapons and equipment, with which you can customize your character as you like.

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