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You probably struggle with quests in Tarkov. No need, we have a complete list of EFT quests boosting for you to choose from

Peacekeeper Quests

Peacekeeper Quests

If these quests get too tough for you, our Expert can help you complete them

43 items
Prapor Quests

Prapor Quests

Check out the quests we have and get those you want us to complete

48 items
Therapist Quests

Therapist Quests

Our Expert will complete these nasty ones you can't get through with

37 items
Ragman Quests

Ragman Quests

Relieve yourself from the struggles of completing Ragman quests yourself

38 items
Jaeger Quests

Jaeger Quests

Our Expert will complete any Jaeger quest you want to get from the quest list

54 items
Skier Quests

Skier Quests

No more struggles and failed completion attempts, we will do desired quests for you

36 items
Mechanic Quests

Mechanic Quests

Get Mechanic-related quests completed fast and by hand

66 items
Fence Quests

Fence Quests

Choose from the options related to Fence raid items and reputation boost

39 items
Lightkeeper Quests Tarkov

Lightkeeper Quests Tarkov

Choose the quest you'd like to have completed

11 items
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Escape From Tarkov | EFT Quests on BoostingExperts

Completing Quests in Escape From Tarkov have a number of great advantages. The EFT quests give you the opportunity to purchase and to get powerful items, ammo, cases, cosmetics and other useful things.
Don’t forget that Escape From Tarkov Quests from different Traders provides weapons, containers, ammunition, weapon modifications, and many more for your Tarkov PMC. However, Quests are some of the most difficult and time-consuming activities in the game.

To complete the quest, you must fulfill its conditions. The process of completing Escape From Tarkov Quests often take too much time. You are in constant danger and always at risk of losing progress. You may run into an optional gun fight that harden your task. It’s not the pleasant experience, to say the least, when you have to do all over again.

Our skilled Experts have more than 10,000 hours in the game and know how to complete any quest in the most effective way. They only focus on your order, which eliminates the instance of your order taking too long to complete. All this provides the fastest and best Quests boosting service possible.

BoostingExperts have a lot of options for Quests boosting. You can choose any of them, we will do it for you and obtain everything that needed.

Additional bonuses

Completing Escape From Tarkov Quests with BoostingExperts provide you with some additional bonuses, like:

  • Extra PMC experience
  • Skills boosted
  • All found loot
  • Trader Reputation increase
  • Free Private Live Stream

How EFT Quests Boosting Works

Escape From Tarkov Quests Boosting by BoostingExperts is safe to use. We are careful with your account. Our Experts don’t use any cheats or other additional software, we do everything manually.

You need to decide on the Quests you want us to complete and specify the options. Then you place an order and after processing it we assign a proficient Expert to you. Then we give you all the data and start boosting your account.

That’s actually all that takes to progress in the game. No wasted hours, no frustration, no exhausting attempts to win and fail. We do it all for you.





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